We’re solving the gluten free pasta problem– that being, what we find on market shelves is boring, drab, uninspiring, and the selection just isn’t there. 

The Beginning….

We grew up on the good stuff, and before discovering our dietary restriction, we took stuffed shells, lasagna, manicotti, and all their pasta cousins for granted!  Perhaps you did too?! We missed Nana’s pasta va zul (and still do), and the plethora of pasta dishes at our finger tips during our time in a foodies haven, the famed North End of Boston.  Why did we have to do without just because we are gluten free!? Why do we have be “that girl” or “that guy”.  We love pasta too!  

So, our founder, a young professional navigating the gluten free world forever disappointed with the choices available, and tired of being “that guy” in the restaurants, decided to roll up his sleeves and solve gluten free pasta problem.   

Our Mission…

Born out of a love for heritage, and an appreciation of gourmet artisan eatery, GF-pasta Co. is dedicated to crafting innovative, inspiring, and delicious small batch gluten-free pasta solutions for the community. Every twirl of the fork will be a seamless process of delight from start to finish. 

Community and the environment?

We believe in sustainability – economic, social, and environmental.  We’re not here to get embroiled in ideological beliefs, but we do want to jump in and be part of the solution to real issues facing our community. Service is important to our brand, and to our founder. We recognize the need for responsible capitalism, and fully subscribe to the idea that business can be leveraged as force for good.  

We are Involved. GFP has committed a portion of every transaction on a quarterly basis for donation to domestic A+ charities committed to feeding our youth, as well as small and local food kitchens and pantries. Our children are our future, and they need fully belly’s! We minimize production waste, and we have identified pasta from our product runs that we donate to our local food pantry. Our product packaging, shipping insulator, and corrugated box are all post-consumer PET - your package might have been a water bottle! Everything you recieve from us is 100% curb side recyclable and we encourage you to drop it in your recycling bin.  We are small, but our ideas are grand.