Giving Back - Feeding those in need.

Giving Back - Feeding those in need.

GFP Crew

GF-pasta is the next biggest thing since...well...Gluten Free sliced bread! We are always looking for ways to support our community in ways we can give back. Have some ideas that you'd like to see happen? Drop us an email and we will do our best to integrate it into the ongoing list of future community events! 

Among the vast plethora of trials and tribulations 2020 has thrown at those of us fortunate enough to safely navigate this crazy status quo with our health, we have witnessed extreme demand on community food banks skyrocket by 60%.  The latest data indicates that 40% of those visiting food banks have not received food assistance prior to the current pandemic. 

Operating in the food production market, we can afford to divert portions of our small production runs to our local food banks, and welcome any assistance. 

In an effort to promote Giving Tuesday, we will launch a "pasta match" campaign n which we will match package for package.  Every Package purchased on Tuesday, we will donate one to our Food Banks! Who wants to give back with us?